How do I Join the Secular Voices Panel?

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What is the Secular Voices Panel?

The Secular Voices Panel aims to be the largest political study of nonreligious Americans to date. We want to conduct 12 monthly surveys in 2020 to track the opinions of nonreligious Americans about issues pertinent to the Presidential Election campaign.

Why is this project important?

Most surveys treat nonreligious Americans ("the nones") as a monolith. Exit polls, for example, do not distinguish differences of identity among the nones. For this reason a lot of the information we have about the politics of the nones is incomplete. Moreover, many questions are written to understand why religious people, particularly Christians, are in favor or against issues. The Secular Voices Panel will focus on the opinions and thoughts of nonreligious Americans, phrasing questions in ways that make sense to people who do not go to church, or care about religious dogma. Furthermore, we will ask about issues and problems that the community cares about but rarely get asked, such as science-based policy or church and state separation.

Is my information confidential?

As we produce reports, we will only release aggregate information in charts and graphs, no individual information will be released.

If you participate, your contact information will not be shared with or sold to third parties.

Who can participate in the Secular Voices Panel?

Are you an atheist or agnostic? Are you spritiual but not religious? Are you a religious person who does not believe in God? Then, you can join the panel.

How can I contribute to the Secular Voices Panel?

You can join the panel as a respondent or you can contribute to the Indiegogo campaign and help us raise money to run the panel in 2020.